Side By Side Volunteer Team

Our mission is still very clear... to make room for Christ to make a lasting imprint on the hearts of young people. We continue to do this by providing retreats for churches, partnering with churches to provide youth ministry programming, training, staff, collaborative youth events, providing mission opportunities to Guatemala and, peer ministry opportunities with our Servant Leadership Team (SLT).  Our volunteers are vital to the success of these ministry opportunities!

Definition of a SBS Volunteer Team Member

Knows no serving limits.  Includes everyone whether you volunteer for one retreat event a year or five and even if you feel your volunteer role is small.

Are you interested in becoming a SBS Volunteer Team Member?

Step 1:  Complete and Review Documents in the "Volunteer Team Application Packet"

Step 2: Mail application to Side By Side Ministries - 755 Florida Ave. S, Suite D5 - Golden Valley, MN 55426

Step 3: Once we receive your application we will contact you to set up an interview.  We prefer to have all of  your references in hand before we interview a candidate. 

Step 4: Once you are accepted to join as a volunteer team member, the next step you must complete is to go through our Team Training with is called "The Door."

"The Door" SBS's Volunteer Team Training Process

Any one who is interested in becoming a Volunteer Team Member must walk through our Team Training called "The Door."  "The Door" is a process by which you must complete three steps:

Step 1: Read SBS Policies Presentation (pdf format).  Reviewing SBS policies will equip you, our volunteer team, with important vital information to   ensure safety and healthy experiences between our volunteer team  members  and those whom we serve.

Step 2: Once you have reviewed "SBS Policies", complete "Acknowledgement of Reviewal Form".

Step 3: Discover the opportunities to serve within Side By Side, as well as inform us of how and when you are able to serve by completing "The Door-Getting Connected Form".

Volunteer or the year.jpg

Lifetime Achievement Award, Becky Kennedy (Pictured right).

Volunteer of the Year recipient, Kaidee Plummer (pictured left).